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Roque Gageac
Roque Gageac-photo by Michel Carlué
Lascaux Painting
Lascaux 4 Painting
Domme-photo by Phillipe Baud
Alfresco Dining in Sarlats alleyways
Dining in Sarlat- photo by Michel Carlué
Hautefort Castle
Hautefort Castle

Things to See & Do

The original cave of Lascaux, though marvellously preserved, is no longer available to the public. Instead, Lascaux II is a meticulous recreation of 1500 polychrome renderings of 15,000-year-old galloping animals. To find out more about Lascaux caves click here

Original cave paintings can be found at Grotte de Font de Gaume, in Les Eyzies, a cave with 240 figures bisons and mammoths, amongst others. A maximum of 30 per tour are allowed and only 200 people per day.

Roque St.Christophe, 1 km long and 80 m high , pierced with a hundred rock shelters. It is the largest and oldest cave dwelling site in Western Europe.

La Roque Gageac has a most dramatic setting, situated right beside the river, with many of its houses built directly into the face of the huge cliff that overhangs the village.  Above this there are steep steps to incredible troglodyte caves with great views. The Dordogne  also has underground caves with stalactite and stalagmite formations and troglodyte shelters.

Grotte de Rouffignac
Gouffre de Padirac

Chateau Hautefort - A grand castle and is one of the most popular and visited chateaux in the region. It is surrounded by impressive French style formal gardens and houses an impressive collection of 17th century paintings and tapestries.

Château de Commarque
- A fortified village and chateau with a magnificent keep, still standing, fascinating knights towers and houses carved into the rock. Below the castle are troglodyte caves in the rock. Click here.

Chateau les Milandes - This was the former residence of American  dancer, Josephine Baker. It has captivating events like falconry displays, showing 6-8 birds of prey in a 30 minute show.

Chateau de Beynac
- If there is only one castle you can visit, this is the one. Perched on a cliff, it was once under the siege of Richard the Lionheart. Go up to the top and take in a 360 degree view of the valley

Chateau Castlenaud
- faces Beynac across the Dordogne river; is the most visited castle in Southwest France.

Beautiful Towns & Villages
So many of France’s “most beautiful villages” are located in this region that you will have a hard job deciding where to start. Below are just a selection.

Sarlat- Well restored &most famous medieval town in the Dordogne with golden-ochre stone houses, a maze of narrow lanes and cobbled streets ,its lively Saturday Market must not be missed. During the summer, the town square is alive in the evening with an array of clowns, bands, and other street performers.

Domme - Superbly preserved Bastide town  with rambling streets and fortified gateways in the town walls. Situated high above the river with breathtaking views of the Dordogne river and valley enjoyed from the viewpoint. Underneath the market square is a cave with stalagmites and stalactites. 

Rocamadour - most visited attraction after Mont. St. Michel. A magical town with golden houses clinging to the side of a cliff over the Alzou canyon.

Monpazier- the belle of the 300 bastides. Stroll through its streets and lanes to admire its wonderful arches and Renaissance windows.

Classical Gardens ofEyrignac, has 40 km of hedges made up of hornbeams, yews and box-trees pruned by hand .

Hanging Gardens of Marqueyssac is  the most visited garden of the Perigord and is a listed national historic monument. It is one of a few gardens worth visiting with children. During the summer each Thursday evening the gardens are lit by candlelight and various musicians play in different parts of the garden.

There are also various entertaining events in these places such as: painting competitions, falconry demonstrations, box-tree pruning workshops, and gardening book fairs.

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